What are the accommodations like?

  • We are really encouraging all guests to stay on site in cabins to take maximum advantage of all the dancing and fun we have planned for the weekend (and to discourage people from driving the WINDING road it takes to get up to the camp more than once).
  • The cabins are beautiful; each cabin holds between 8-14 people and they all have windows and skylights ...and heat! They are all centrally located in the camp (i.e. you're never more than a couple hundred yards from where you're sleeping all weekend); all cabins are enclosed (no squirrels in your bed).
  • Bathrooms are INSIDE each cabin (i.e. no barefoot running in your towel post shower back to your bunk).
  • Each individual will have his or her own bed (with linens) and each bed (bunk) has an outlet and a lamp.
  • NOTE: We will be hand selecting where and with whom everyone will be sleeping to make sure that people are in groups that they will enjoy and be comfortable with. 

Here's a little preview of what the camp looks like....

On a scale of camping (1) to glamping (10)...where does Camp Campbell fall?

  • Its a solid 8, although we're supplying you with all the food and booze for the weekend AND there's a pool complete with a waterslide. So maybe an 11? 

What's the bathroom situation? (I.e. Can I get naked in privacy?)  

  • All showers and bathrooms are located INSIDE the individual cabins.

Do we have to stay at the camp?

  • Yes please (if you can!). We are highly highly encouraging everyone to stay on site for the entire weekend; part of the fun of this venue is all being able to party all weekend and not having to drive up and down a really windy road. If you can, we encourage you to come in on Friday and leave Sunday midday. If you can only make it for Saturday night, we have options for that too!  If you have reason to stay offsite, please reach out to us and we can help guide you to a place to stay nearby in Boulder Creek. (However we will warn that options nearby are fairly limited and fairly strange.)

I wish the party would last all week. Can we stay extra nights before or after the event?

  • Sadly we can't bring anyone onsite before Friday or have anyone stay Sunday night. If you're interested in accommodation recommendations pre and post camp, let us know and we can provide some insight. We do have some friends and family staying Thursday 8/2 at the Toll House Hotel in Los Gatos

Do we need to bring food?

  • No, if you're staying with us we've got you covered for the following: 
    • Friday Night Welcome Dinner
    • Saturday Breakfast
    • Saturday Lunch
    • Saturday Dinner (Duh, it is the reception and no, it's not Sloppy Joes)
      • + Late night snacks!
    • Sunday Brunch
    • +all the coffee and drinks (alcoholic and not) that you'll need.
    • Please note: Camp Campbell does not allow hard alcohol on site but we'll have plenty of beer & wine.

Should we bring flashlights?

  • If you've got a cell phone that'll probably do (although service can be spotty in Boulder Creek). If you have a sweet flashlight though bring it for brownie points. Bonus if its a headlamp or a Mag-Lite® - you're a serious camper and we commend you. 

Are there wild animals? 

  • We hope so! 

What's included in the accommodation cost?

  • The accommodation cost covers EVERYTHING. This means all of your meals from Friday night to Sunday morning, all the beer and wine you can drink, and activities throughout the course of the weekend, linens for your bunk, etc. 

What's the dress code? What outfits should I pack? What's the appropriate footwear to bring? How many fancy outfits do we need?

  • We know it's a camp but we're hoping to dress the place up a bit and while flip flops and ringer tees are great for daytime activities the following guide might help a little: 
    • Friday Night Rehearsal Dinner (anyone staying on site Friday night is welcome ): party shirts, party pants, and party dresses (the more colors, the better).
    • Saturday Night: Bring your best stuff, we dare you.  Hell, Andrew's donning a tux and Rosie forked out for a wedding dress....what'll you wear? 
    • The rest of the weekend: we'll be swimming and hiking and star-gazing and yoga-ing and everything in between. 

Do we need to bring anything else?

  • We will provide soaps, shampoos, and things like face wipes, toothpaste, bug spray, sunscreen, Q-Tips, earplugs, water bottles etc in each cabin, we'll also have several irons/boards floating around for use in the camp store.
  • Have a mane and need to tame it? Might be best to bring your own hot tools.
  • Bring a water bottle if you want! There are refilling stations throughout camp.
  • We'll provide everyone with a towel - If you think you'll require two you may want to pack an extra.
  • There will be a camp store open in case you forgot anything else and/or feel a burning need for some Camp swag. 

What is the best airport to fly in to? How do I get from airport to the Camp? 

  • Mineta San Jose Airport (SJC) is the closest airport. It is about 30 miles and a 45 minute drive from the airport (it's close but the last 10 miles or so is on a switch-back road up the mountain). 
  • You can also fly into SFO; The drive from SFO to Camp Campbell is about75-90 minutes depending on traffic.
  • Please remember that traffic may pick up in afternoon and evening as this is also the road to the beach!   

Is there parking on site?


Whats the weather supposed to be like? 

  • The average high temperature in August in Boulder Creek is 86 degrees and the average low is 50 degrees. The camp is covered in redwoods so even if temperatures are piping hot we've got you covered.

Got a question we didn't answer? Email us at info@ringaroundrosie.com